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This is the web site for the program by which the CG Auxiliary supports the FHTN program for recognition of the service achievements of active duty and reserve Coast Guard members, and Auxiliarists.

What is the FHTN?

The Fleet Hometown News (FHTN) program dates back to World War II.  It is a program designed to increase national awareness of the activities of our Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen through written stories and documented images about them and their personal achievements in their- hometown news media.  The Fleet Hometown News Center (FHTNC) located in Norfolk, Va., is a field activity of the Navy Office of Information, Washington, D.C. The FHTN program provides the most effective and economical production and distribution of information about individual service members to their hometown news media.  The mission of the FHTNC is to gather, evaluate, edit and reproduce news stories, features, fillers and photographs received from the forces afloat and shore commands of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, concerning military personnel. 

Any given FHTN release can be simultaneously released to six or seven different communities that the individual has indicated might also be interested, such as where the parents now live, or the spouse, children and other relatives.

 The FHTN release is intended to celebrate the individual's newsworthy accomplishments, such as promotions, awards, courses completed, shipping out or returning from a mission.  It is a targeted publicity campaign aimed at sharing the service person's news of their career and adventures with those who care the most about them, the hometown folks.

Public Affairs Officers (PAO) for individual Coast Guard cutters and shore commands forward their FHTN releases to the Navy's FHTN Center, which handles the release of information to the various news markets.  Over 12,000 local newspapers and news services across the country subscribe to the FHTN Center in Portsmouth, Virginia.

What is the USCG Auxiliary FHTN Program?

This is a hands-on Auxiliary program to backfill and support active duty PAOs, and to increase awareness of individual Coast Guardsmen that Auxiliary members are here to support them on a day-to-day basis.

The support will range from administrative tasks, simply forwarding completed forms to the FHTN Center in Portsmouth Virginia, helping to distribute and fill out the FHTN forms for the individual's signature authorizing the news release, to going to field units or on board cutters to take pictures and interview candidates. 

AUX FHTN Rollout

A National Press Release will be made to every active duty Coast Guard PAO that the Auxiliary is offering to help.  They will be directed to a central contact site (to be announced) that will refer them to the local Auxiliary for followup and support.  All District, Division and Flotilla Staff Officers for Public Affairs will be encouraged to develop and maintain contact with their local Coast Guard unit.

How will the Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Auxiliary work together on FHTN?

Every cutter and shore command in the Coast Guard has a PAO.  In some cases there may be only one PAO for an entire Sector.

This offer of assistance is intended to be on a personal level, with the local Auxiliarist fostering and maintaining a support relationship with the active duty PAO.  Every effort will be made to keep the Auxiliary FHTN program coordinator in direct contact on a personal level with their active duty counterpart.  This will help to break down barriers of "top-down" chain of command structure and allow for direct support of the Coast Guard's FHTN release program.

If a Coast Guard command needs assistance, they will be able to request help from an Auxiliary Public Affairs FHTN Officer directly, or through normal channels.  Each Auxiliary District Staff Officer (DSO) for Public Affairs (PA) will be encouraged to contact the local Coast Guard PAO and offer the support of the Auxiliary.

Each Auxiliary Public Affairs Staff Officer will develop their own working relationship and division of duties directly with their active duty counterpart.  As the Auxiliary FHTN program rolls out, the program will mature and develop into a cohesive partnership and comprehensive program.

This is a NEEDS-driven Auxiliary program.  This is where the active duty Coast Guard is invited to tell us how we in the Auxiliary can BEST support them. There are no hard and fast guidelines.

This program will give the Auxiliary Public Affairs staff the chance to celebrate and assist the Coast Guard.


What Does a Coast Guard Auxiliary Public Affairs/FHTN Officer do?

Works hand in hand with the local active duty Public Affairs Officer to:

  • Assist in getting the FHTN release form correctly and completely filled out and submitted to the FHTN Center,

  • Take and forward the digital picture  of subject to FHTN Center,

  • Interview the subject regarding special  stories, write and submit stories.  (A scripted format is provided),

  • Coordinate the submission of the release via faxing, emailing, or hard copying the forms, pictures, and news stories to the FHTN News Center.

New  Coast Guard Auxiliarist Stories Included in FHTN Program

Effective immediately, June, 2005, the FHTN center will begin processing news releases for CG Auxiliarists.  As the CG Auxiliary has taken on more extensive support roles for the active duty Coast Guard, the service achievements of the individual Auxiliarist can now be acknowledged  in the same way that active duty personnel are recognized through the FHTN program.

This is our introductory (draft) page for review (revision date below).  We will be working to put more useful information on the page in the near future.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed!


Glenn Martinez


USCG Auxiliary, Branch Chief

National Staff, Public Affairs, Internal, FHTN


Revised, 6/20/2005


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